Garanti Koza continues to contribute to Turkey’s economy while expanding both locally and globally by transferring 68 years of construction experience and 30 years of real estate development experience to new generations.

Thanks to our Human Resources philosophy established on the principle that change is essential to achieve; we equally value the presence of each colleague joining our family, bring each other up and grow together. With our working principle comprising the main elements of improvement, cooperation, commitment, innovation and work-life balance; we believe that the value given to the employee is the key to real success.

“WE” as the employees of Garanti Koza Group Companies can;

* Construct dams, subways, highways, tunnels, bridges, industrial plants and power plants all around the country and; create new life spaces under the roof of Garanti Koza Construction;

* Transfer our vision to the countries that we have presence in and represent our country through Garanti Koza subsidiaries abroad;

* Commit to major energy projects worldwide through our engineering knowledge and experience under the roof of Garanti Koza Energy;

* Host international tennis tournaments at the most prestigious stadium in Turkey; watch live games of Federer while working; witness the moment of Çağla becoming WTA İstanbul Cup champion; and provide training for more than 3000 children every year under the roof of Koza World of Sports which is known as one of the biggest tennis academies worldwide;

* Provide real estate consultancy with international quality standards all around the country under the roof of Realty World;

* Increase the quality of residential areas and provide the best facility and management services under the roof of Koza Yönetim.

* Provide high level of safety in our projects by carrying out innovative Japanese technologies under the roof of Garanti Koza-MAEDA Cooperation;

If you also want to gain experience in different sectors at the same time, increase your potential, take firm steps forward on your career path and most importantly develop yourself while changing, you are very welcome to join us!