Automotive Plants

Automotive Plants


  • Tofaş Fiat Automotive Plant Facilities, Bursa
    • Various plant extensions and production halls averaging 300.000 sqm plant and auxiliaries, for the largest company in the automotive sector producing Fiat/Tempra cars.
      Construction and erection works realized in Bursa, in connection with the capacity increase and new technology investments operated by TOFAŞ; Turkish Automobile Factory Co. Inc.; since many years within the scope of about 50 separate agreements until now. For the TOFAŞ Plant, the giant of the automotive sector, covered areas and production facilities average to 300.000 sqm. Furthermore, mini piling works, bracing and excavation works, oil channels, filtration pits, press foundations, mobile crane beams, the entrance gate and landscaping works, sub-press beams, schuller foundations, the Tempra body line and taparella construction, pre-treatment and electro coating line, steel conveyor tubular passage ways, collector and sewerage works, etc., executed.
      Steel construction used in the upper structure of the production buildings, including the 100.000 sqm TOFAŞ production building; whereas reinforced concrete and steel construction systems used in other sections.
  • Fruehauf Trailer Manufacturing Facilities, Adapazarı
    • Commissioned by Fruehauf Transportation Vehicles Industry and Commerce co Inc. in Adapazarı. Contract includes 9.600 sqm covered plant area, with 1.500 sqm administrative and service buildings. 700 tons of steel truss roof structure manufactured and erected.


  • Otoyol-Iveco Plant, Adapazarı
    • Commissioned by Otoyol Industry Co. Inc. in Adapazarı, 60.000 sqm plant and additional facilities with steel construction and prefabricated column system. Plant, depots, workshops, administration building.


  • Ford – Otosan Plant And Depot, İstanbul
    • 30.000 sqm and 10.000 sqm plant extension and depot.


  • Ford-Otosan Plant, Gölcük
    • 210.000-sqm factory building with complete infrastructure, finished in 24 months, to be the largest automotive production plant in Europe and vicinity. The project made use of 22.300 tons of steel work, with the highest standards at the earthquake region.


  • Otokar Plant, Arifiye
    • 16.500 sqm plant.


  • Mako Plant, Bursa
    • 5.000 sqm facilities.


  • Marmara Oto Industrial Complex, İstanbul
    • 22.500 sqm plant, offices and showrooms.


  • Kuzey Motorları Facilities, Samsun
    • 1.650 sqm service, 550 sqm showroom, 330 sqm dyehall (8.200 sqm.)


  • Egemak, Multi-Storey Car Park And Service Center, İzmi̇r
    • Tofaş service and administration center in Aegean Anatolia. 5.000 sqm facilities and miscellaneous extensions.


  • Extension Works, Egeoto, İzmi̇r
    • 9.400 m2 showroom, service and spare parts depot.


  • Döktaş Foundry Industry Facilities, Bursa
    • 5.900 sqm of construction area and 1.200 tons of steel manufacture and erection,
      For the 12.000 sqm extension, steel construction used on pile foundations,
      Foundation base for heavy machinery of the foundry line and the steel construction conveying platform works,
      2.300 sqm sand regeneration installation, modelhall extension, treatment pool, dye hall.


  • Beldesan Bicycle Factory, Gebze
    • The project, realized in Gebze, consists of the 9.000 sqm production building,constructed by using precast columns and steel construction roof. The administrative building is covered with hollowed precast elements, supported by a precast structure.


  • Türk Traktör Plant And E-M Works, Ankara (miscl. contracts)
    • 20.000 sqm new construction, 6.000 sqm re-installation works, 9 motor test units, construction and e-m works.


  • Oto-An Facilities, Ankara
    • Showroom and service building (8.000 sqm).

Project Description

Location: Turkey