Construction Materials Plants

Construction Materials Plants


  • TBMM Carpentery Works, Ankara
    • Carpentry works of the National Assembly Building, which was the first project contracted to GARANTİ, on 8 November 1948.


  • Elka Plywood Plant, İstanbul
    • Turnkey project for the private sector in Maltepe, Istanbul. This factory building, for the manufacture of prefabricated doors and other wood products, has a covered area of 12.000 sqm.


  • İzocam İndustrial Complex, Tarsus (various contracts)
    • The plant comprises factory, social activity buildings and general facilities. 12.000 sqm of prefabricated construction, 600 tons of steel construction, 370 tons of sophisticated steel manufacturing implemented.


  • Türk Demi̇rdöküm Iron Casting Plant, İnegöl
    • Commissioned by Turkish Iron Casting factories Co. Inc. Construction of cupola furnace, casting and sand preparation workshops, storage and administration buildings with 22.000 sqm of covered area, including 275 tons of sophisticated manufacture and 950 tons of erection works in the casting block.


  • Türk Demi̇rdöküm Iron Casting Plant, Bolu
    • Extension project of 8.650 sqm to the present plant.


  • Türk Demi̇rdöküm Panel Radiator Factory, Bozüyük
    • 20.000 sqm plant and 7.560 sqm depot.


  • Demi̇rdöküm Alno Production Facilities, Bursa
    • 4.000 sqm plant.


  • Koçtaş Facilities, İstanbul
    • Multi-spectra markets for construction materials, in various regions of Turkey.

Project Description

Location: Turkey