Consumer Products Plants

Consumer Products Plants


  • Kav Forestry Products, Bursa
    • Extension of the present factory in Bursa Orhangazi, by adding workshop and storage buildings, covering an area of 4.700 sqm.


  • Robert Bosch Facilities, Bursa
    • The building, having a covered area of 2.000 sqm, using the architectural style with the existing adjacent Bosch facilities in Bursa, where reinforced concrete works, complete with electrical and mechanical installations were implemented.


  • Bozkurt Textile Factory, İstanbul
    • 38.000 sqm plant of prefabricated columns and steel structure roofing.


  • Tat Canned Goods Plant, Balıkesi̇r
    • Plant with 6.000 sqm covered area and 8.000 sqm landscaping.


  • Düzey Pazarlama Facilities, Sultançiftliği
    • 6.000 sqm depot, 2.750 sqm office.


  • Serpuchow Filter Factory, Moscow, Russia
    • Cigarette filter factory renovation.

Project Description

Location: Turkey, Russia