Durable Goods Manufacturing Plants

Durable Goods Manufacturing Plants


  • Arçelik Çayırova Facilities (various contracts)
    • Plant and facilities totaling 100.000 sqm for Turkey’s number one producer of white goods.
      A total of 25.000 sqm of depot facilities (depots and storage areas) built using space frame and steel construction truss roofing on precast reinforced concrete columns.
      Furthermore, the landscaping of the Çayırova facilities in compliance with the new security norms; car parking areas, the main gate and surrounding fencing, completed.


  • Arçelik Elazığ Plant
    • In Elazığ, depot building with precast reinforced concrete columns and steel truss roof having 2.900 sqm of covered area and also a 1.600 sqm administrative building realized, including complete mechanical and electrical installation.


  • Arçelik Samsun Plant
    • In Samsun, depot and service building having a total construction area of 3.500 sqm completed, including their infrastructure works.


  • Arçelik Ankara Dish-Washer Machine Factory
    • 10.000 sqm plant constructed by precast reinforced concrete columns, steel structure, aluminum sandwich panel roofing and façade cladding, including infrastructural works and landscaping.


  • Ardem Facilities, Bolu
    • In addition to the 34.000 sqm extension to the existing factory building of Ardem Cooking and Heating Appliances Industry Co. Iocated in Bolu, a second contract comprises; 12.000 sqm of facilities and social buildings, using prefabricated modular systems.


  • Beko Teknik Facilities, İstanbul
    • 15.000 sqm plant and facilities for the production of electronic and white goods.
      Depots located at Büyükçekmece – Istanbul and realized in two phases with socket foundations, prefabricated reinforced concrete columns, steel roof construction, insulated sandwich panel roof and façade plating and 20 cm double reinforced vacuum concrete floor plating.
      Also built on the factory plot is a sports hall of 2.600 sqm and 10.500 sqm of parking.The sports hall is built using socket foundations, prefabricated column erection and the roofing is made of steel construction space frame.


  • Türk Elektrik Endüstrisi Factory, İstanbul
    • 5.500 m2 plant for manufacture electric motors with steel construction roof, trapezoid sandwich, aluminium roof and facade cladding and 2 storey 1200 m2 administrative building.

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