Energy and Hi-Tech Projects

Energy and Hi-Tech Projects


  • BOS Birleşik Oksijen Sanayi Facilities, Gebze
    • Covering 15.000 sqm in the Gebze Organized Industrial Zone, the project consists of social and technical facilities, complete with infrastructure, construction and finishing works, equipment installation and landscaping works.


  • İskenderun Iron And Steel Works Rolling Mills Section 3
    • Commissioned by the General Directorate of Iran and Steel Works. The contract consists of various manufacturing and includes production and installation works of 20.000 meters of piling, 4.850 tons of structural steel, 675 tons of anchorage, 8.140 tons of cable, 5.660 tons of technological piping and equipment. Covered area is 16.875 sqm.


  • İskenderun Iron And Steel Works Power Plant Installation
    • 2 x 55 MW power plant installation contract consists of 10 km of in-situ piling, manufacturing and mounting; installation works for 250 tons of anchorage, bolts, plates and structural steel. Covers an area of 2.500 sqm.


  • İskenderun Iron And Steel Works Coke Quenching Unit
    • Construction of a dry quenching system, to replace wet quenching, thus providing heating economy and prevent pollution by vacuuming dust. A 46.5 meter coke bunker and 4.500 tons of steel construction, cover an area of 3.300 sqm. 2 million to capacity plant stocks 3.200 tons.


  • Afşin – Elbistan Power Plant Industrial Complex
    • 1.200 MW thermal plant commissioned by the Turkish Coal Board. Concrete and steel construction, with workshops, administrative and training facilities covering an area of 30.000 sqm.


  • Kütahya Nitrogen Plant
    • Commissioned by the Turkish Nitrogen Industries, the factory covers an area of 17.000 sqm of steel construction and conduits.


  • Gazal Factory, Gebze
    • In the plant located in the Gebze Organized Industrial Zone, 3.000 sqm of reinforced concrete warehouse building and 9.000 sqm of factory installed with steel construction frame and also, landscaping works.


  • Hadeed Fire Protection, Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia
    • E-M works, contracted from Arabian Electric.


  • Borçka – İyidere (Kalkandere) H180 – 380 kV Transmission Line
    • The design, supply of line materials, delivering, installation and completing of the 380 kV Transmission Line (130 km) between Borcka – Iyidere (Kalkandere).

Project Description

Location: Turkey, Saudi Arabia