High Rise Buildings & Business Centres

High Rise Buildings & Business Centres


  • Makkah Hotel And Business Center, Saudi Arabia
    • This project comprises the sanitary installations, fire extinguishing systems and water installation works of Makkah’s largest business and trade center for Al-Juffali in Makkah, Saudi Arabia contracted from Arabia Electric-Siemens, all installations complete.


  • Savings Bank, Moscow, Russia
    • Structural construction of 85.000 sqm high rise building project in Moscow, contracted from Hochtief. The Company has actually completed the structural works of the building ahead of programme, 4 months earlier than that defined by the contract and in perfect quality.


  • BJK Plaza Business And Commercial Center, İstanbul
    • Construction and marketing of high rise apart hotel / luxury residence / business / commercial center. Construction of 2 blocks of 16 storey buildings. BJK Plaza offers a new life style at the most prestigious area of the city, combining home life with five star hotel standards.
      The project consists of two blocks, located behind the historical Akaret Houses on Beşiktaş Spor Avenue, İstanbul, having fifteen and sixteen floors including basements, with a total construction area of 30.000 sqm built on a 7.000 sqm – site and made up of multi-purpose offices and/or apart-hotels as well as shopping and office units and underground car parking areas.
      The project, carried out within the framework of a sales partnership with Beşiktaş Gymnastics Club, is a land development project.


  • Koza Plaza Twin Towers, İstanbul
    • Construction of two 44 storey business blocks each with 37 office floors, 3 installation floors and 4 basements plus a shopping center block totalling 125.000 sqm area. Sale and marketing carried out by Garanti Koza.


  • Çamlıca Business Center, İstanbul
    • Turnkey construction of 32.000 sqm modern business center, comprising offices, social facilities and mechanical installations.


  • Balmumcu Koza Business Center, İstanbul
    • A business center project specifically designed in accordance with the requirements of big scale companies. Covering 16.000 sqm area, one fifteen and one twelve story office blocks in Istanbul, Balmumcu. The sale of all office units has been realized.


  • Altunizade Business Center, İstanbul
    • The twin blocks comprise three floors and two basements with a total of 7.000 sqm of construction area.
      The principles of modern office design and office technology have been applied in the reinforced concrete frame building.
      On the facades, aluminum, reflective glass and natural granite plating are used. In the head office building, in addition to offices and work areas, meeting rooms, a cafeteria, a sports hall, open air and covered car parks are built and terrace and garden arrangements effected.


  • Şark Sigorta Building, Ankara
    • 4.700 sqm business center with 5 stories & 4 basements, in the heart of Ankara.


  • Kadiköy Business Center, İstanbul
    • The business center having eight floors and 7.100 sqm of construction area, is designed as open office floors. On the ground floor, there are shop premises, and in the basement, a hvac center and a car park. Waffle slab is used for the ceiling and aluminum curtain wall and reflective glass for the façades.


  • Kodaman Street Business Center, İstanbul
    • The business center located at Nişantaşı-İstanbul and made up of two blocks of six stories, totals 4.750 sqm and completed including electrical and mechanical installations.

Project Description

Location: Turkey, Russia, Saudi Arabia