• American Hospital (Admiral Bristol), İstanbul
    • Turnkey Hospital construction on a closed surface of 53.524 sqm, which has medicalequipment, hospital equipment & infrastructure, 405 bed capacity and 15 operating theatres; modification of existing buildings according to new settlement layout, including all electro-mechanic works & medical equipment has been successfully completed by GARANTİ KOZA, research, assembly and infrastructure works regarding hospital & medical equipment have been realized under the coordination of GARANTİ KOZA and selection and purchase made by VKV American Hospital.
      Cardiology intensive care center and all the repairs and installation work has been carried out as well as the suspended aluminum plating of the whole façade.


  • Italian Hospital, İstanbul
    • The project covers the construction of the hospital and the new micro-surgery section, alterations and repair work of the existing units.


  • Italian Hospital Renovation
    • Renovation of the old 8.250 sqm existing hospital, into cancer rehabilitation center.


  • Haydarpaşa Numune Hospital First-Aid Center, İstanbul
    • Commissioned by the Vehbi Koç Foundation as first-aid center for traffic accidents under a turn-key contract.


  • German Red Cross Hospital, Bolu
    • Hospital building construction has 4.309 sqm using area on two flats and mezzanine flat. Construction type of steel main frame and sandwiches panels cladding roof and facade including finishing works and electromechanical works.


  • Spanish Red Cross Hospital Health & Social Facilities, Adapazarı
    • 2 hospitals, health center, school totaling 3.000 sqm.


  • Kocaeli University Diagnosis Center & Public Health Center, İzmi̇t
    • Civil works, mechanical and electrical works completed for diagnosis center as part of university hospital. Total enclosed construction area is 12.000 sqm.

Project Description

Location: Turkey