Tourism Complexes

Tourism Complexes


  • Al-Jubail Holiday Inn Hotel, Saudi Arabia
    • Commissioned by Al-Rushaid Investment Co. Al-Jubail Holiday Inn Hotel in Saudi Arabia has been realized according to five star hotel standards. The hotel with 341 rooms, three restaurants, a health center, plus landscaping, covers an area of 25.000 sqm, and is a turnkey contract.


  • Talya Hotel (various contracts)
    • Commissioned by TÜTAŞ, Turkish Tourism Co. Inc., Turn-key extension and new wing to the Antalya Talya Hotel with 204 rooms, 20 suits, restaurant, pool, marine facilities including electro-mechanical works with 25.000 sqm total area and landscaping, followed by miscellaneous contracts.


  • Divan Hotel Kuruçeşme Facilities
    • On Byzantian ruins, a fashionable restaurant and entertainment complex was designed and constructed.
      On a 18.000 sqm – construction site at Kuruçeşme – Istanbul, 1.400 sqm of gross construction; including a kitchen, a pastry shop, an administrative building, two bars, a reception marquee, a swimming pool, sun bathing terraces and an outdoor reception area realized and repairs to the historical areas and installation work completed. Through additional contracts, 450 sqm covered restaurant completed using steel, wooden, aluminum and glass elements with complementary inspection work, followed by miscellaneous contracts.


  • 5 Star/De-Luxe Di̇van Hotel Extension Works, İstanbul
    • 10.000 sqm, 177 room hotel extensions, renovations.


  • Altınyunus Hotel / Mares Hotel, Marmaris
    • Turnkey construction of 40.000 sqm, 425 room hotel extensions, renovations.

Project Description

Location: Turkey, Saudi Arabia