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A Company for the 21st Century

Garanti İnşaat, founded in 1948 as one of the pioneering companies in the forefront of the Turkish construction sector; and having 66 years of experience in construction contracting and 33 years of experience in property development, exposing the presence of a powerful establishment active in a vast range of operations, and bearing a highly respected status both at home and abroad, is now serving under the name of GARANTİ KOZA, an identity to launch a new mission, as of mid 2004.

GARANTİ KOZA , one of the oldest and most experienced contractors in Turkey, during its long and deep rooted past, and following the trends of the sector and the economy, have served through various partnership structures hosting the expectations and inclinations of its times.

Setting out with Garanti Bank in 1948, and during the shareholdership of Koç Holding in 1976, German Hochtief in 1987 and English Balfour Beatty in 2000, GARANTİ KOZA İnşaat, started to function under the name of GARANTİ KOZA, continued as Garanti Balfour Beatty; GARANTİ KOZA now aims to structure a more dynamic and high competitive edge, as of 2004.

In this respect, making use of its experience and potential, in dams, tunnels, infrastructure works, industrial plants, high rise buildings, land development issues, and projects of significance, together with the contribution of its capable and highly experienced staff, in GARANTİ KOZA's success and continuity achieved over the years, a new and more dynamic corporate structure has been formed. Thus, a more contemporary, result oriented, efficient identity is aimed at, in order to meet the needs of the era.

GARANTİ KOZA, owing to reliability and strength accumulated over the 62 years, highly specialized nature of a pioneering past, deep rooted experience and precious contacts acquired from miscellaneous projects accomplished during its existence, endeavors to achieve utmost excellence and quality. GARANTİ KOZA is determined to enhance the experience gained in its operations in Russia, Middle East and Turkic Republics, by the investments in the Middle East and the Balkans.

GARANTİ KOZA targets to prove that it is one of the leaders of the construction contracting and property development sectors in Turkey and the neighboring countries, by implementing a dynamic and a more enthusiastic marketing strategy.

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