Board of Directors

Mehmet Şükrü İLKEL


Undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, Bogazici University
Master in Nuclear and Energy Engineering, Arizona State University, USA
From 1985 on, he was responsible for development and management of Garanti Koza international projects and coordination of electro-mechanical works.
Later on, he became active in international project development, investment, service and finance sectors during his Chairmanship of Mimel Construction and Strategy Investment Companies – founded by himself.
Şükrü İlkel, by the end of 2003, put himself in for the purchase of Balfour Beatty and Koç Holding shares in Garanti Koza. Transfer of Balfour Beatty and Koç Holding shares to Şükrü İlkel was realized on 19 January 2004 under the Resolution of the Board of Directors, and sale operation approved at the General Assembly dated 24 March 2004.
Following the restructuring of Koç Group, shareholder since 1976, and when sale of Garanti Koza; a pioneering company in construction sector since 1948, came into the scene, Şükrü İlkel, who had worked at various management levels of Garanti Koza and accomplished successful projects in international construction and finance sector, took over all Garanti Koza shares.